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 What People are Saying ...

  • We just completed organizing our entire home with both Kathy and Linda over the past few months; in between being in and out of town and scheduling, the house is finally organized and what a wonderful feeling of freedom that is. My experience with these ladies was beyond my expectations, and I would recommend them to anyone who really wants to get things organized and have a system for future clutter. I am now able to pursue other ventures in my life and not worry about where something is or the clutter that was always nagging in the back of my mind - Thank you Kathy and Linda for helping us "Put the Pieces Together"!!! Anita

  • We are 8 hours into my 2nd floor project and I'm feeling good about our progress thus far.  Looking forward to completing it and moving onto he first floor.   6/5/12 and the house is done!  Such a relief to have my home completely done.  I know where everything goes now and there is so much more room!  I can't thank Kathy and Linda enough.  Well worth the effort and cost to have a home now where things are in their place and the junk is GONE!  I'm going to have tehm back in the fall to do my attic space and camping trailer too.  Thank you is not enough for my peace of mind now.  Claudia C, Berkley MI

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